Our Story

Bridging the gap

The inspiration behind Hydralife stemmed from the untapped potential that we spotted in ionized alkaline water. We observed that few were familiar with its benefits and those who were familiar felt as though it was inaccessible, requiring too much effort to find and purchase. Realizing that there was a gap in awareness and access for alkaline water, we chose to come together and service the people of South Florida with our quality product.

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Our Culture

Doing something with a passion

Like many great ideas with humble beginnings we launched our product out of a very small facility, filling endless amounts of jugs and personally delivering them to our friends and family. The goal was to share with potential customers what we already knew to be true: that this product wasn’t just water. Soon enough we managed to build a reoccurring clientele, everyone came back for more. Even the naysayers or those skeptical about the many abilities of the water found themselves hooked on its daily benefits. It isn’t just the quality taste that sets us apart, it is a combination of many factors: from the renewed energy that clients noticed to the boost in immunity that many felt. We pride ourselves on making this experience a reality to all those who feel it can positively impact their lives which is why we made our service and delivery a priority. We at Hydralife know the power behind the combination of a great product and great service and we pride ourselves on both.

Our Mission

Transformations Through Water

Our mission is to not only provide the highest quality ionized alkaline water but to help people transform through water.

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